9th House Studios | Jen Miller
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Strategy. Insights. Innovation.

You’re growing a business. There are tons of decisions. It’s hard to keep the customer as your key focus. 9th House Studios brings the customer perspective back to your strategy. If you’re a growth-minded entrepreneur who wants to elevate your customer’s experience, let’s talk.

You need somebody with experience to strategize with from a customer perspective, optimize your user flow, and even help map out your big vision.



Identify Business & Customer Opportunities

Content Strategy

Product Roadmaps

Customer Experience Design

Digital/Social/Search Strategy

Process & Operations Mapping

Digital Platform Audits & Roadmap


Generate Insights For A Better Experience

Market Research

Concepts & Ideation

Competitive Analysis

Stakeholder Assessments

Social Listening Research

Keyword & Search Optimization


Drive New Solutions For Growth

Process Optimization

Partnership Approach

Opportunity Exploration

Personalization Marketing

Design Thinking-Based Process

Emerging Trends & Technology Education


Hi, I’m Jen Miller. I’ve spent more than 18 years as a strategist with Atlanta’s top brands building expertise and solutions across customer experience, social & digital channels, as well as product and innovation strategies. I’ve learned that stand-out experiences come from marrying together data and insights while keeping the customer at the center of it all.


Based out of Atlanta, I love how this city has become the tech and innovation hub of the South. I’ve worked on the global digital innovation efforts at The Coca-Cola Company, spent a decade building social teams and practices at both Delta Air Lines and Coke, and earned my technical and analytical chops at The Home Depot.


As a connected leader serving on various local association boards, I’ve seen first-hand how various businesses and agencies succeed in digital and customer experiences. If you’re tackling complex questions or projects, I can help you make those solutions more impactful for your customers and your business.
Putting the customer at the center of your business means every output, process, and interaction keeps the customer top of mind.



If you want to connect or contact me on new projects, speaking, writing, or helping with an existing effort, please send me a note.

Atlanta, Georgia 30307

(770) 696-6338

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