About Jen Miller

I’ve spent over 15 years working with Atlanta’s top brands building marketing expertise and solutions across customer experience, social & digital channels, as well as product and innovation strategies. My obsession is ensuring that outcomes are designed with a customer lens  and aligned to your business goals.  

I’ve worked on the global digital innovation efforts at The Coca-Cola Company, spent a decade building and leading social teams and practices at Delta Air Lines and Coke, and earned my technical and analytical chops at The Home Depot.

Even though I love to travel, I’m based in Atlanta, and I love how this city has become the tech and innovation hub of the South. I believe there’s so much possibility and potential that we can create together. 

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About The Work

The current changes in our world will make the customer and brand experience the differentiating factor for growth and preference. 9th House Studios can help you and your business, whether large or small, think with a customer lens and focus on key customer experience strategies.

An experience strategy is a thoughtful approach to interacting with, anticipating, and being of service to your customer, client, or consumer. It’s putting them at the center of all that you do and creating services and products that help them say WOW.

9th House Studios partners with you to understand what things in your business look like today, where gaps exist preventing you from being where you want to be, where the customer wants you to be, and then explores opportunities to deliver what’s truly possible (hint: it’s limitless if we ask bigger questions). We then map out a roadmap to get you on your way and the journey you’re meant for.

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What’s IN A name? 

About 9th House Studios

Explorers have always used the sky as a guide to help them navigate towards their desired destinations. Today, the heavens continue to steer us towards asking bigger questions. 

In astrology, the zodiac sky is divided into 12 segments, or houses. Each provides a specific focus when planets enter that house. 

The 9th House relates to our JOURNEY and the path we take in life. The 9th house represents aspects that expand our world and remind us that we are on a voyage of discovery. It invites exploration, looks to the future from a broad perspective, and deepens our curiosity for what is possible. It’s the house of “understanding” that involves synthesizing data into new insights and meaning.

I personally equate this house with exploring, expanding, and evolving our world and all of its potential. And that’s the work. 

The 9th House invites exploration, looks to the future from a broad perspective, and deepens our curiosity for what is possible.

brown-wooden-bridge-1738674_CROPPED VERTICAL

my story


Is there such a thing as too much exploring?

“So, where are you from?”

It should be a simple question, but I never knew how to answer that question while growing up.

My mom is Argentinian, my Dad is American and my only sister currently lives in Turkey. Born in Hawaii, I was on a flight at 29 days old when my family moved to Argentina. By the time I was in the 6th grade, I moved eight times every two years back and forth across four different countries. I’ve lived in Argentina, Hawaii, Netherlands, Virginia, and Spain. And after all that, I still get a thrill when boarding a plane (and will again, soon). 

Growing up with that much travel and immersing myself in new places shaped me to be the open-minded and adaptable person that I am today. New places presented local customs or foods to taste and try. I asked questions to learn about and feel more comfortable in my new environment. And I had to quickly learn how to make new friends with different backgrounds—and who sometimes spoke different languages than me.

Curiosity helped me adjust. Adapting helped me thrive. 

Now, in my professional life, I’m so grateful for that ingrained curiosity and desire to explore. It’s how we ultimately solve problems and find new and better solutions. That curiosity can be around a place, a person, a brand, or a specific process on a team. I love to ask a bunch of questions and often start to be able to connect the dots for patterns or an emerging insight that others may not see. 

I have found that exploration is the key to finding new approaches and strategies—both in life and in work. It starts by asking lots of questions and listening. 

I love making new connections and igniting new conversations. Feel free to reach out to introduce yourself. And then of course, I’ll start getting curious.