PODCAST: Round the World Travel Planner Shares Best Flight Tips

Airtreks Justin Baker RTW Trip Flight Planning

Justin Baker has been helping people with round the world travel planning for over 10 years, as part of AirTreks. They specialize in round the world (RTW) tickets, multi-stop international destinations, and complex flight itineraries.

In this episode, he shares how he’s not just an agent on the phone but a passionate and experienced traveler working to maximize the best flight itineraries, and best overall travel experiences, for his clients. He shares his 10 years of experience and his top tips for planning your flights. It’s a must-listen episode!

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Episode Highlights: 
– The definition and classifications of a RTW flight and plane ticket through an alliance partner network
– The flexibility and benefits in using a company like Airtreks (+ the average cost savings!)
– Who uses their services, how they work, and who their partners include
– Key questions and considerations to answer when approaching your flight options
– The #1 tactic that can maximize the value of a flight itinerary, with more destinations for no extra (or a tiny bit extra) money
– How a friendship with an exchange student charted his course on a travel-focused career…and led him to his wife
– His experiences of living abroad in South Africa and Brazil over 4 years




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