PODCAST: How to Design Your Life for More Travel, with Darrah Brustein

Darrah Brustein Design Your Life More Travel in Life

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Darrah Brustein More Travel in Life Darrah Brustein designed her life for more travel. She built the location-independent & time-independent lifestyle we all want.  She’s a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle design expert. She spends half the year traveling, all while running several successful businesses. Darrah has valuable insight for anyone looking to live a more intentional and value-filled life.

After burnout and layoffs, she started to created little experiments to validate a little inkling that she could create the life and lifestyle she truly wanted–without sacrificing her values. By setting up a residual income stream, she can travel half the year, write for Forbes, or grow whichever business she’d like.

I wanted to get her on the show because in this set up, she gets to choose how and where she spends her time. We all believe that lifestyle design is the ultimate desire and definition of success. We talk through her series of tests and how she set herself up for her ideal lifestyle—and how you can too (there’s a surprising amount of action we can take from the episode and conversation!).


“I broke down into three categories what I think are needed for a life well lived. They are 1) discern what you really want, 2) design your career to fund and elevate the goals, and 3) build and design a community and network that elevate your goals.”



  • Darrah’s story of experimentation to design her best life
  • The importance of identifying your top values
  • How to let our top values drive our decisions to shape our life
  • Making travel an important part of our lives instead of something that gets the “scraps of our time”
  • A fact she tested: You can indeed take time off without your career collapsing
  • Actionable steps for developing and creating a network of valuable relationships (comes in handy when traveling!)
  • How all of us truly want deep connection with others, and some good questions to ask first



Stay connected with Darrah:

Website: www.darrah.co
Instagram: @darrahb

Learn more about her:

Founder & CEO of Network Under 40
Co-Founder of Equitable Payments
Author of Finance Whiz Kids
Founder of the #GiveItForward Movement
Contributor to Forbes on Networking Done Right

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