PODCAST: Bali-Based Travelpreneur Coaches Aspiring Digital Nomads

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Becoming a true location independent travelpreneur isn’t an easy path, but there are great educators and coaches out there to help aspiring digital nomads

Oli Nold_Location Independent Travelpreneur Online Business Growth

Oli Nold is the founder of HomelessnHappy, an online community dedicated to educating aspiring nomads on creating an online business. Through courses, blogs, and webinars, Oli teaches others how to become travelpreneurs themselves and achieve location independent income through affiliate and funnel marketing. He does this primarily through organic traffic.

Based in Bali now and a traveler by nature, Oli shared in this episode how he got started as a travelpreneur and his most hard won lessons. He also helps us see his vision (and some tips!) for teaching others how to grow their online businesses for a location-independent lifestyle. 

“I work harder than any 9 to 5 to make my life happen. Anyone who tells you that it’s easy and fun and that they work 3 hours a day on the beach is lying.”


  • From Switzerland to Hanoi to Bali 
  • Breaking away from the pressure of school and the expected, typical path 
  • Why Hanoi was perfect for him for a while (can you relate?) 
  • Riding dirt bikes right across the border into China (some of the best riding he says) 
  • “The only voice I follow is my own… the world is a massive playground” 
  • Balancing family while living abroad and being independent, “friends are temporary” 
  • Challenges of falling in love as digital nomads
  • Differences between network marketing, funnels, drop shipping, and affiliate
  • “Most ads are failing,” and how to make sure yours don’t 
  • Why starting your funnel with organic traffic is so key to understanding your audience
  • “That’s one thing I’ll never do again is work for someone else” (and doing the marketing for others – he teaches them how)
  • The need to establish your own brand and product
  • “If they tell you [building an online business] is easy and that it’s going to be fun, they’re lying.” 
  • Embracing ambiguity and his big thank you to his friends for their support 
  • Staying grounded and his go-to rituals & activities 
  • Why Facebook is where 90% of his clients have found the most success in building an online community and a selling and feedback ecosystem
  • His analogy for understanding Funnel Marketing: Think about the IKEA experience, where the user is guided along a path

“The world is a massive playground, and we get to play in it and explore it. You’re in charge!”



Website: https://www.homelessnhappy.com/

Personal Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/olinold/

Business Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/homelessnhappy/

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