PODCAST: Around the World Trip: How to Plan, Stay on Budget, & Change Your Path

Josh Meister Shari Margolin Society of Everywhere

Ever dreamed of taking a year off to travel the world? Wondered how the heck to start with the planning process? Learn all the details you need in this episode.

Photographer Josh Meister and Graphic & Stationary Designer Shari Margolin are the husband and wife team of @SocietyofEverywhere. While working full-time, they travel hacked their way to save up enough money to then enjoy 11 months of full-time travel across Europe, Asia, and a bit of South America.

They chronicled their around-the-world travel adventure around the world and shared their biggest and best lessons learned.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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– what inspired this lifestyle change
– how they took the opportunity and aligned their work
– the step by step process on how they saved money and the categories of income that should go straight into the trip fund
– how to stay on budget and what tools they used
– their favorite and top 3 countries they’d recommend and why (they’re on my go-to list)
– why they’re moving to another country to start a new travel venture… which is happening right now as we post this episode.


*Fantastic resource for additional & amazing detail from the conversation on saving money & staying on budget.

Websites & apps they mentioned to help you allocate savings: Qapital, Digit.


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