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PODCAST: The Life & Career Path of a Travel Advisor

Lindsey Epperly Sulek is taking on the luxury travel market as the founder & CEO of Epperly Travel, a boutique travel consultancy with experts curating 4 and 5 star vacation experiences for clients year-round. She shares the daily life of a consultant (and balancing the CEO & Founder role), the perks, and the target characteristics of an advisor. We’re all asking if we have what it takes to live that travel-filled life!

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PODCAST: Managing Remote Teams & Events Around the World to Live Location-Independent

Dan Taylor has focused on finding flexible employment and gotten lucky with the travel piece. Dan worked without a home office for over eight years with Deloitte before establishing Prague as his base. Now as CEO and Founder of AppsEvents & EventFrame, he has teams on almost every continent. He also often spent 6 months of the year traveling, so he has great insights in maintaining balance as a global entrepreneur. Now running his third and fourth ventures, Dan is an expert at managing remote teams and thinks very intentionally about work/life balance.

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PODCAST: Unsettle Down: Transitioning From 2 Years of Full-Time Family Travel

What do we often NOT talk about with full-time travel? Transitioning from full-time travel back to ‘normal’ life. Priorities shift and it’s knowing when change is needed–no matter what it looks like. Chelsea, Matt, and Kai learned many lessons from two years on the road, many about themselves and that priorities change. Deciding to return to “normal” life after full-time family travel, they had to redefine what life should look like for for them. They are ‘Unsettle Down,’ and they still refuse to settle. 

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Yay, you’re here! 

It means you’re curious about new ideas, experiences, and adventure too. I’m Jen, the founder of 9th House Studios. I have my hands in lots of different things. Oh, you’re similar? ;)

Here on the blog, you can expect to find curated inspiration around emerging trends, experiments and experiences, travel adventures, and me personally sharing what I’ve learned along the way (so you can gain from all the zig zagging that I’ve done–and love to do!). 

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