Hi, I'm Jen Miller.

Digital Strategist at Heart. Self-Development Fanatic. Travel Obsessed Explorer. 

9th House provides the tools and spaces for more aligned, high-impact work through mindful productivity. 

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9 Tips for Perfect Balance

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Your unique work style can deliver your best work -- with confidence.

Hi, I’m Jen. I’d spent years studying the ideal systems for goal-setting and self-development thinking there was something “out there,” but I started listening to my own intuition around work and refining my deep work practices. 

“I’d struggled with a lack of structure in my own life. I wasted a lot of time not knowing how my habits and environment affected me. I now better understand my own unique work style to bring out my best work — in a way that feels good.  My approach to work is more aligned specifically to me now vs how everyone says productivity should look like.” 

I’d love to help you to feel good about your work through a more intuitive approach to productivity. One that’s unique to you. 


My House of Projects



Consulting Offerings

You’re a growth-minded leader who’s paving a new path to improve your customer’s experience and your business. But you might be wrestling obstacles in the process. 

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Change Agent

We’re all adapting to, but also shaping, the changes and advances around us. I love to curate innovative approaches, ideas and experiences that impact us in positive ways. 



Transformative Travel

With so many innovative ways to travel, my podcast More Travel in Life explores the stories, tactics, and lessons from professionals integrating extended & immersive travel. 

“The Esther Perel of work habits and culture for entrepreneurs. How we work is how we live. Let’s work better.”

Burned out? Frustrated? Feeling off your game?

Let's have a conversation on what you're trying to get done but never have the time. I'd love to work with you.