PODCAST: Never Tried Solo Travel? How to Start + Dos/Don'ts - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Never Tried Solo Travel? How to Start + Dos/Don’ts

PODCAST: Never Tried Solo Travel? How to Start + Dos/Don’ts

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Jen Miller Solo Travel EpisodeAnother 20 minute mini episode from your host Jen Miller about women’s solo travel. Relevant to today’s news and themes, let’s empower ourselves and each other by gaining confidence through solo travel! If you’ve ever taken a women’s solo trip, you know about its power.


  • The 3 tiers of solo travel: how to start to get comfortable with it
  • The perfect type of solo travel if you want 1) relaxation & reflection 2) adventure & new skills or 3) a totally open itinerary
  • Top 4 Do’s around how to plan your trip, how to plan your days, how locals can help, and staying present
  • Top 4 Don’ts around how to choose your destination, eating solo, staying safe, and when to arrive.


I shared a few of my experiences and lessons learned in this short episode, but there’s SO MUCH MORE that you all know too from all your experiences traveling. I’m looking to create and curate a super cool & super valuable upcoming podcast episode featuring you & your best tips. Leave us a comment with your best tip on solo travel! What’s your #1 lesson learned and word of advice for others? 

Share this episode & page with anyone you know that’s done any SOLO TRAVEL. Have them leave a comment, email us, or DM us on Instagram (@moretravelinlife).

We’d love to feature their best tip, and perhaps even, reach out to get them on tape (and their voices) featured among other awesome women within an upcoming episode. Help us curate an awesome community, collecting the best of women’s solo travel tips.

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