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PODCAST: Travel Volunteering & Workaways for Room & Board? Why Yes!

PODCAST: Travel Volunteering & Workaways for Room & Board? Why Yes!

Yegor and Anastasiya Lyashenko both wanted to travel and truly experience the world, so they quickly made it a priority and a reality by saving money and travel volunteering where they could throughout their travels.

We chatted about how their travel volunteering plus workaway opportunities allowed them, and their budget, to extend their one year of travels around Europe, into Asia now. 

Listen to the podcast episode:  

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What’s a Workaway? Focused in Europe (but expanding in the US and Asia), Workaway is an international platform that allows members contact one another for homestays and cultural exchanges. Volunteers contribute a specified number of work hours per day in exchange for lodging and food, which is provided by their host. Volunteering opportunities range from helping families, farms, NGOs, animal sanctuaries or pet sitting, or local non-profit or community organizations.

Yegor and Stacy shared their amazing adventure with me, and they were so sweet and genuine as a couple. You’ll fall in love with them too. And you’ll get more details on why travel volunteering through Workaway can be so powerful to experience a destination.


  • Extending your travel budget through travel volunteering, with free room and board in exchange for work 
  • Various types of travel: Couchsurfing, Airbnbs, Workaways (plus pros & cons)
  • Finding great hosts and getting picky about them 
  • Connecting with local hosts for unique conversations you can’t get anywhere else
  • The key differentiator for a fantastic Workaways volunteer experience (and we answer “What is a Workaway?”)
  • The type of room and board to expect from Workaway assignments 
  • Travel burn out (and its antidote: staying suuuuuper local for a longer time)
  • How to save for 1 year of travel 
  • How they met, why they prioritize their own travel, and the real story behind “Why Yes” 







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