PODCAST: Travel Sabbatical Planning: 5 weeks, 3 continents, 1 carry-on - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Travel Sabbatical Planning: 5 weeks, 3 continents, 1 carry-on

PODCAST: Travel Sabbatical Planning: 5 weeks, 3 continents, 1 carry-on

Ever wanted to plan a mini travel sabbatical? I did! In this different format for the podcast, I walk you through 1×1 what inspired my 5 week travel sabbatical in 2017, how I approached and planned it, and why I made the decisions and choices that I did in the planning.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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I hope this 1×1 episode with me gives you a glimpse into some of my travel experiences and stories. First of all, that it’s super helpful. Second, maybe that it inspires you to try something new. And that helps you get to know what moves me, how I think and tackle travel, and that I get a little nervous when it’s not a usual interview format! It’s a shorter episode today but I slayed it, right? Yikes. I hope you agree. 😉



I was on an airplane when I was 29 days old, going from Hawaii to Argentina. Growing up, I moved every two years to various countries and found this semi-nomadic childhood created a restless drive to constantly explore the world.
That passion for exploration led me to a job at an airline, traveling on standby any and every chance I got.  Well, I then was so lucky to travel as part of a global marketing team, helping brands and teams across the world. I loved that this role took advantage of my skills and ease in connecting with people across cultures. I recently founded 9th House Studios, where I work with companies seeking growth and transformation through their roadmaps and plans.
Travel is just part of my path. The crazy thing? I haven’t counted the number of countries she’s visited. High time she did that!
I absolutely thrive on creating new experiences through travel. And I want to inspire you to do the same through the More Travel in Life podcast.

Episode Highlights: 
– kickoff to a new episode format to mix it up, get to know Jen, and keep content flowing weekly
– introduction to myself and my sabbatical story
– learn more about the sister that lives abroad and the hunky guy I keep mentioning in episodes
– the events that anchored and then triggered this travel sabbatical idea
– my approach to flights and airbnbs on this trip
– how I organize my travel research and the tools I use
– the desperation that led to leaning on the travel consultant safari experts


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