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PODCAST: Travel Planning Approach: Tips, Hacks, and Websites

PODCAST: Travel Planning Approach: Tips, Hacks, and Websites

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What approach and websites do you use to curate your itineraries for your travels?

I definitely have some go-to sites and go to them in a specific order. In today’s mini solo episode, I share my philosophy, my approach, and my questions for you to consider as you start any travel planning.

I’m in the midst of planning for a small trip to Copenhagen so get ready for a great case study! Let me know where you’re headed next and where you’re planning for.



  • Keep in mind your own philosophy about travel planning & what type of traveler you are
  • Focus on the WHY – the importance of the intention around your specific trip 
  • 5 main types of travel trips (Can you think to add any more types below in comments?)
  • Key categories to build your itinerary:
  •       Hotel / Lodging
  •       Food / Restaurants 
  •       Experiences / Tours
  •       Spots for Photography & Visual Memories
  •       Places of Interest (History, Architecture, etc)
  • Websites and tools to help you in the travel planning process for each and specific to types of trips


* Looking back perhaps one thing I didn’t cover is how to weave all those items together elegantly and effectively. Do you guys struggle with that? What’s your least favorite thing about travel planning? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll tackle that!!



* Which other website(s) are your go-to spots online to help you create an epic trip and experience? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for listening & visiting!

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