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PODCAST: Taking the plunge as a Travel Entrepreneur with Dipaways

PODCAST: Taking the plunge as a Travel Entrepreneur with Dipaways

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Chadricks Everette always knew he never quite fit in to the corporate citizen mold. He had no idea that being a self-starter would land him as a travel entrepreneur and founder of Dipaways, a travel company planning epic trips for fun-seekers wanting adventure, connection, and growth. 

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He’s kind of a wonder kid, and he’s always been had an enterprising spirit. As a teenager, Chadricks started a national anti-smoking campaign and raised nearly $1 million to protect teens from the tobacco industry. More recently, he started Dipaways after leaving a marketing career to help others travel the world, and he started as a travel entrepreneur with Travel Noire.

He now scouts all the top spots in a location to create a curated travel experience for his guests. As he put it, the itineraries are often “inspiring, imaginative, and handcrafted.”  He has two current trips available to Bali, Indonesia and the Amalfi Coast, Italy. There’s one in development to Costa Rica. 


  • A late introduction in life to travel as a passion & a personal introduction to travel startup Travel Noire
  • Giving up that security of a paycheck to live the entrepreneurial life 
  • Transitioning careers to one with more freedom and flexibility —and with travel at its core
  • Planning for the transition towards entrepreneurship (we talk specifics & steps to take) 
  • Getting the entrepreneurship bug  
  • Creating and announcing Dipaways travel company as his own  
  • Shaping his daily and overall lifestyle and creating that travel entrepreneurship approach 
  • What he does to curate travel experiences, scout locations, plus his 2 current trips (that you can join!) 
  • The magic of group travel, friendships gained, and why curated trips through companies like Dipaways can be perfect options for solo travelers  
  • Tempting descriptions and details on the two 6-day trips: 1) Bali group trip 2) Amalfi coast group trip
  • $125 DISCOUNT CODE is mentioned in the episode or follow on Instagram @moretravelinlife



Instagram: Brand: @iamchadricks, Business: @dipaways

Websites: I am Chadricks, Dipaways

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