PODCAST: A Travel Curator's Tips to Create Ultimate Trip Experiences (+ her own to Greece) - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: A Travel Curator’s Tips to Create Ultimate Trip Experiences (+ her own to Greece)

PODCAST: A Travel Curator’s Tips to Create Ultimate Trip Experiences (+ her own to Greece)

Paris + Fashion Week. Santorini + Mykonos. Yes + please.

Felicia Ruiz works in the fashion industry, so she’s always involved with stylish and in-the-know events and places. She has her pulse on what makes an experience memorable and on trend… and that includes creating personalized and curated travel experiences for clients as a travel curator.

If you tend to bookmark all the hidden gems in exotic locations on Instagram, want to learn about how to find those top spots, or want some of the best travel tips to step up your next travel experience, you’ll need to take a listen to this episode.

And if you’ve ever dreamt about Greece (haven’t we ALL?), she shares every awesome little spot and tip she has from her gorgeously curated trip. It’s not-to-miss and you’ll want to jot everything down!

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Episode Highlights: 

– How a paparazzi moment at Paris Fashion Week kicked off a travel curator side hustle
– Her experiences in curating trips to Machu Picchu, Alaska, and New Orleans
– Having a travel agent Mom embedded a travel planning gene in her DNA
– The distinction between a travel curator vs travel agent (the answer is a focus on ‘a truly personalized experience’)
– How almost anyone could do travel curation as a side hustle
– The 4 attributes that makes someone a fabulous, and successful, travel curator
– How to work with travel consultants and curators to plan your next epic trip (their setup, their fees, what to ask)
– Sharing insider tips through her latest trip to Greece (Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini) — she mentions amazing spots so take out your notebook!
– How to find the insider spots, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten path… using Instagram! (And maybe some inspiration from No Reservations)
– Which website helps her find the best flight deals + which one she always checks before confirming her hotel



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