PODCAST: Sustainable Travel, Zero-Waste & #VanLife with an Eco-Entrepreneur - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Sustainable Travel, Zero-Waste & #VanLife with an Eco-Entrepreneur

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MTIL Hippie in a Van Callee Ackland

Callee Ackland grew up on the west coast in Oregon, where she learned the importance of sustainability.  After serving in the Navy, Callee chose van life as a sustainable travel option. Since then, Callee has seen most of the United States , and plans to continue her travels in her 2014 Ram Promaster campervan.

She’s now also an eco-entrepreneur + zero waste activist. She’s the owner of a Zero Waste Store Bestowed Essentials, a line of sustainable home goods with an online shop + a retail storefront in Rapid City, South Dakota.

We talked all about having more travel in life through sustainable lifestyle choices with a smaller carbon footprint and how to implement eco-friendly practices. If you want to make better and smarter choices, this is a fantastic conversation with Callee!


“It’s important no matter what you do, no matter what your hobby is, to do it in the most eco-friendly way possible.”

  MTIL Hippie in a Van Callee Ackland


  • How Callee got into Van Life
  • Unique day-to-day decisions required of Van Life
  • How van life forces positive change and conscious choices 
  • What is the Zero Waste Movement?
  • Where can you find zero waste stores?
  • Most impactful ways we can change our routines for more sustainable living
  • The importance of “breaking the mold” at a young age



Website: https://ahippieinavan.com/
Instagram: @hippieinavan 
Podcast: https://ahippieinavan.com/podcast 

Her Zero Waste Store: https://www.bestowedessentials.com/

To Find a Zero Waste Store Near You: ZeroWasteHome.com, Litterless.com

Composting: ShareWaste App

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