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PODCAST: Serial Entrepreneur Succeeds with Adventure Sabbaticals

Dave Williams has been a serial entrepreneur and CEO for over 20 years.
He launched, led, and exited two successful startups, 360i and BLiNQ Media. He still serves as an angel investor, advisor, and mentor. He credits his entrepreneurial success to periods of deep reflection and taking time off through extended travel sabbaticals. And now he’s incorporating his many amazing travel experiences to launch his latest startup NomadX.


We covered so much in this conversation and it’s relevant to so many audiences.

  • If you have a job, you’d gain value in his perspective in the power of mini sabbaticals & how incorporating more immersive experiences and adventure travel in your time off can provide you tremendous value, returning to work much more refreshed and creative.
  • If you are a digital nomad or strive to be a remote worker, you’ll want to listen how Dave is taking the learnings from his travel experiences and his business success, to launch a new offering. It’s a new travel network and marketplace for affordable/sustainable housing solutions for nomads specifically, plus creating a community and match-ups for like-minded professionals.
  • And if you know Dave from the digital marketing space, or you don’t, it’s great to hear about his career, his success, and the path that ultimately led him to a more travel-focused work and purpose.


Listen to the podcast episode:

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Episode Highlights: 

– Dave’s story and perspective on the power of sabbaticals to rejuvenate entrepreneurs and the quality of your work outputs
– Dave’s approach to travel and his favorite spots on the planet
– How to find the best guides and sources for lower cost & more authentic travel
– Companies that can help accelerate the planning of an epic adventure-focused trip
– Learning about the islands of Azores, which might be Portugal’s most exotic and best kept secret (shhh..)
– Leveraging the remote work trends to experiment with a more nomadic lifestyle
– Proactively identifying (and solving) some key challenges of a nomadic lifestyle
– How European areas, and Portugal specifically, are attracting digital talent to stay and work in their top cities
– Swapping out conferences for a more immersive work experience or problem solving (and how to sell it to your boss!)


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  • Dave Williams
    Posted at 11:26h, 18 January Reply

    Jen thanks for the interview! Anyone who wants to reach me it’s best to email Dave At NomadX Dot Com. Cheers! Dave

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