PODCAST: All about Road Schooling (in a Skoolie) with WeLiveOnaBus - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: All about Road Schooling (in a Skoolie) with WeLiveOnaBus

PODCAST: All about Road Schooling (in a Skoolie) with WeLiveOnaBus

 Tina and Chris adopted two boys 4 years ago Elijah and Rylee. They’re on a journey as a new family to grow and challenge themselves by traveling around the US and road schooling full-time on a renovated school bus. They love to say “We Live on a Bus.” 
If you have kids and you’ve dreamed of doing a sabbatical or a year long trip with your kids while they’re a certain age, but schooling always stops that dream in your tracks — this is the episode for you. 

Listen to the podcast episode:  

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Weliveonabus_Road Schooling_Skoolie_Podcast



  • Selling everything to travel full-time (with their house under contract in 8 hrs!) 
  • Adapting their school routines into “road schooling” (and the distinction with home schooling and a current trend called UNschooling) 
  • Common fears and questions they get asked about road schooling
  • Learning your state’s home schooling requirements 
  • Ways to stay compliant with state education rules & requirements  
  • Field trip learning opportunities & “hours in the field” 
  • Example field trips, stories, and the insights gained (it’s one of the main reasons they started traveling) 
  • Inventing and creating an Explorer’s Workbook to help log all their field trip learnings 
  • Currently Airbnb hopping and “practicing bus life” (like, not using the dishwasher)
  • What’s next for them & when they start road schooling full time in the skoolie (or school bus home, for the rest of us)
  • And listen till the end to hear the story about how the bus got named (or named herself they say)



Their Website: http://www.weliveonabus.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weliveonabus

The Explorer’s Notebook Travel Journal

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