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PODCAST: Cycling Coast to Coast: 4600 Miles, 1200 Stories

Rick Berg RicktoPortland Cycling

To celebrate his 55th birthday, Rick Berg wanted to create a grand adventure. He took off on his bicycle from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine to visit as many friends and family on his Holiday Card mailing list as he could.


Throughout his journey, Rick also met many new friends and faces. He can recall every one of those faces and their stories. In those many conversations, he often encouraged others to do one single thing!

Listen to what that key ask is from one of the best storytellers in this dynamic and energetic episode. He shares how he developed the idea over 24 hours, did 15 months of planning and training, and what he’s learned on this epic adventure.

The podcast episode was recorded just past the midpoint of his journey.  Now done, he pedaled 4,600 miles across 26 states in 218 days, climbed more than 5 times the elevation of Mt. Everest, visited more than 300 friends and family on his list, met over 1200 other new people, and completed 31 full weeks of riding. Congratulations, Rick!

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Follow his entire journey at RicktoPortland to hear more stories and see every single selfies he collected from all those faces he met on this adventure.

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I wonder what Rick would say about this list…


  • John Mckay
    Posted at 22:12h, 20 December Reply

    Another fascinating tale of travel and life changing journeys.
    The best part of travel is the gift of meeting new people and affirming the fact that while we may live very different lives , we have so much to learn from one another.
    Keep on traveling
    Thanks Jen

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