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PODCAST: Ready for Change through Travel? Questions to Ask

Courage inspired Jacob Morris to make a change from his steady but traditional corporate track. After several longer trips and work abroad experiences, he gains the momentum to make the move to a less certain, but more self-directed, approach to his life and work.


He shares his journey trying to figure out how to maneuver (several times) out of his corporate job to pursue a more travel-centered and independent life, as well as pivoting to a more geographically flexible career. His past travels in Amsterdam and Bangkok prepared him for this next stage in life.

Jacob Morris Roadtrip SelfieEpisode Highlights: 

– The 2 key questions to ask if you’re wanting a big life change through travel (and his full post on key questions to ask)
– Working through the common fears and doubts to travel for an extended time
– How working abroad can often enables even more frequent travel opportunities and exploration
– How to recon your next destination
– Getting off autopilot through mindfulness
– The difference between a Tourist & Education Visa
– How to live like a local in Bangkok and Amsterdam
– How to manage (ironically) the freedom and flexibility of NOT currently having a job


Listen to the podcast episode:

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Links & websites referenced:

Jacob’s full blog post:
“Your Job: Should you stay or go? 12 Insightful Questions to help you navigate your next step”

http://www.roadtrippers.comNorth American Roadtrip


After 17 years in a Fortune 100 as a management professional, Jacob is now a certified professional strengths coach with Gallup and certified meditation instructor with the Yoga Alliance Australia. He’s currently finishing his studies in the Liberal Arts program at Harvard University. Connect with him. 

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