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PODCAST: International Adventure for Their Kids in Bali

The way that opportunities unfolded for Pedro Dale and his family allowed his kids’ educational experience to be the driver for their next adventure and to lead the way for his family’s travels. They left their native Brazil to live abroad in Dubai for a work abroad opportunity and have now found their way to Bali.

His kids go to Green School Bali and it’s been such the immersive and family experience, that they’re looking for any way to stay. He shares the perspective it’s provided his family and the life lessons he hopes it provides for his kids in the long term — and I dare you not to get a little teary eyed at the end.


Topics covered on the podcast:

– Taking advantage of work abroad opportunities primarily as a way for kids to gain international exposure & culture
– Consciously making choices that enable kids to thrive outside of your homeland
– Letting school choice (of Green School Bali) & its unique experience become the leading driver for a new family adventure
– Learning through nature, in nature, about nature as an education component
– Engaging the community in social enterprise & sustainability projects
– Tactical visa help, storing your stuff, and what to do with the dog
– Learning to prioritize experiences over material stuff
– Experiencing overwhelming & immediate support as a collective expat community


Listen to the podcast episode:

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Links mentioned:

Follow their adventure on Instagram @PedroDale or #DalesinBali.

“The experience my kids will gather on this path, with friends from all over the world, this is the richest thing, knowing they can do whatever they want to be happy.”  – Pedro Dale


  • Andres Kiger
    Posted at 06:01h, 07 December Reply

    Sometimes we place our priorities in the wrong order and end up letting paychecks lead the decision process and let kids cover the “ gap” of a bad decision . I admire Pedro and his family for his passion and vision Z Life dividends for him and his kids will be paid off in decades to come ! Follow your dreams and passion Pedro !

    I have learned from Pedro and let my sons passion for a progressive education lead the way and he is now in the Putney School in VT and we couldn’t be happier !

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