PODCAST: The Parents Share about Expat Life & Raising Kids Overseas - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: The Parents Share about Expat Life & Raising Kids Overseas

This one’s personal! In this episode, my parents share all about living the expat life and raising a family overseas while moving around–a lot! Let’s count… I moved 8 times by the time I was in the 6th grade, often moving every 2 years (or less).

I wanted to grab a bit of the perspective from each of my parents, who sat down separately to chat one on one with me. They reflect on how they felt living that expat life, what they worried about (or not) in raising kids overseas, and share a few of the amazing stories that came from the experience.

My mom shares the most detail as she’s a true extrovert and my dad was, as always, a bit more reserved. 🙂 Learn a bit more about my story growing up too! Plus if you’ve ever wondered about the positive impacts of moving and living overseas, this might be a good one to take a listen to.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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  • My parent’s brief backgrounds and beginnings — and how it impacted their perceptions of travel and adventure
  • The serendipitous (and scandalous?) context behind them meeting and starting to date in Argentina 
  • Marrying & knowing that my dad’s work would take him (and family) around the world
  • The path of countries and places we all lived
  • Expat living: what was covered, how it was a good economic option, and the ultimate gratitude for the lifestyle
  • Unique stories of eating scorpions and rattlesnakes in China, outfitting Iran’s Shah with electricity to host a desert party, and more.
  • Selecting a variety of schools for us to attend, including convents and ‘American Schools.
  • Their wishes for their daughters in living overseas and living the expat experience


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