PODCAST: Top 3 Attributes of Online Travel Influencers + Millennial Black Travel - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Top 3 Attributes of Online Travel Influencers + Millennial Black Travel

Rachel Hill of RachelTravels.com is an online travel influencer with 22K Instagram influencers, so naturally 1) we connected and met through Instagram and 2) we demystify the loaded term “online travel influencer.” But we also go deeper and talk about defining your why and purpose to get closer to your (travel) dreams.

Black Travel_Rachel Hill_Gold Wall Thailand_RachelTravels.com


Podcast Episode Highlights: 

– How she retired from Corporate America at 27 yrs old
– Summoning the needed courage from within to change her own life trajectory (and how you can too)
– What the day to day looks like in working as an online travel influencer
– The top 3 attributes of a successful influencer and content creator
– How she’s generated income through various outputs, channels, and partnerships
– Ways to approach potential partners & collaborators
– Defining Black Travel and why it’s unique within the travel industry
– Manifesting: why we’re (both) so passionate about that topic

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Rachel Hill helps shape the narrative of millenial black travelers, encouraging them to explore the world and push past their comfort zones, all while encouraging the idea that world travel can be affordable.

Through blog posts, online courses, consulting, and speaking engagements, RachelTravels.com is a brand and site dedicated to education and inspiration. She engages regularly with her 22K Instagram followers (at time of episode) and now helps other social and online influencers build their own brands.
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