PODCAST: Managing Remote Teams & Events Around the World to Live Location-Independent - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Managing Remote Teams & Events Around the World to Live Location-Independent

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Dan Taylor Remote Work Global Events Manager Dan Taylor has focused on finding flexible employment and gotten lucky with the travel piece. Dan worked without a home office for over eight years with Deloitte before establishing Prague as his base. Now as CEO and Founder of AppsEvents & EventFrame, he has teams on almost every continent. He also often spent 6 months of the year traveling, so he has great insights in maintaining balance as a global entrepreneur.

Dan became an entrepreneur after a short stint with Deloitte. Now running his third and fourth ventures, Dan is an expert at managing remote teams and thinks very intentionally about work/life balance (but admits he could use some work on it, can’t we all?). Born and raised in Britain but not catching the travel bug until he was 18, Dan has spent more than 12 years combined traveling and is entering a new chapter of travel with his wife and 9 month old child.



  • Seeing the world as a SAP consultant 
  • Transitioning from consultant to entrepreneur
  • Finding a need & serving it (not knowing where it might lead)
  • Supporting schools, and himself, through Google Education seminars & certifications 
  • How to start building a remote team
  • What’s most important to succeed in managing remote teams (from someone who has teams on every continent) 
  • The #1 benefit of a podcast for your business
  • Managing traveling as a single person versus now with a baby
  • Digital detoxing: How to maintain balance while constantly on the road as an entrepreneur
  • Various ways that entrepreneurs structure their days for productivity and balance



The Events Podcast

Twitter: @dantaylorevents
Email: [email protected]

About AppsEvents: 

Their Google Summits have concurrent sessions & keynotes delivered by experienced Google Certified Trainers, delivering training on a broad range of G Suite features targeted for the classroom and school setting.


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