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PODCAST: Lessons from 100 Location-Independent Entrepreneurs

PODCAST: Lessons from 100 Location-Independent Entrepreneurs

Chris Reynolds 100 Lessons from Location-Independent EntrepreneursIf you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you likely want to become location-independent and you likely want to fund your travels. So you’re likely already a location-independent entrepreneur or targeting to become one, right? Well, this is a key episode for you. 

Chris Reynolds runs a successful podcast at The Business Method and in his second series and season, he talked to 100 (7-figure) location-independent entrepreneurs to learn their approaches for success. These folks are making over $1 million in revenue, so they’re well qualified to share their stories. I knew there’d be so much value in Chris sharing the lessons learned and key themes from that series. Plus it’s another great podcast to check out aligned with our collective travel goals.

Listen to the podcast episode:  

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  •  Intentional life design
  • The business Chris has built & they ways it supports entrepreneurs
  • The purpose of his podcast and its role in his business
  • His podcast approach & seasons’ themes
  • Newest Season > 100 interviews with Major Influencers
  • The state of influencers: Some are sharing their positive light and some for negativity/power (Fyre Festival – a must watch) 
  • Last Season > 100 interviews with location-independent entrepreneurs making $1M in revenue
  • Range of location-independent entrepreneur roles includes: eCommerce (Amazon marketplace, Shopify), SEO, & personal brands
  • Great episodes showcasing routines & tips from successful personal brands: Simon Lovell (#283), Amanda Frances (#292), & Wade Alters (#322 & 323) 21:31
  • His consistent question: What is the mindset in each phase of entrepreneurship?
  • 5 Figure: Hustle, 6 Figure: Growth, 7 Figure: How to Replace Myself 
  • The Importance of a Creative Mindset & how to get there 
  • Meditation and the importance of taking care of your mind 



Website Link: TheBusinessMethod.com
Podcast on iTunes: The Business Method Podcast
* Check out The Business Method’s episodes we talked about in the episode:
       Episode #367 Jesse Elder’s Meditation & Mindset approach (the last 20 min are gold)
       Episode #359 Josh Lange’s $1M+ Lemonade Business
        Episode #357 Dave Williams Bootstrapping Startups 
       –Chris also interviewed him, introduced to Chris by Dave, our episode #7 Serial Entrepreneur & Sabbaticals
       Episode #369 Summary of the Series & Interview Highlights
  • Chris Reynolds
    Posted at 12:28h, 01 March Reply

    Jen, thanks a million for having me on the show! It was a great chat and really hope to cross paths soon!

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