PODCAST: Who Doesn't Want More Travel in Life? - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Who Doesn’t Want More Travel in Life?

After returning from traveling solo with only a carry-on for 5 weeks across 3 continents, I was frequently noticing friends and colleagues taking amazing, unique, & extended trips. They had jobs and kids, and they had gotten really creative in shaping their adventure. I wanted to hear their stories and thought perhaps others might too!

If you’re craving the experience of culture and immersion but you have a traditional job, or the responsibilities of a mortgage, and you don’t think you’re going to become a full-time nomad suddenly, this might be the podcast for you.  We’ll talk to travelers, their stories, how they approach their adventures, and perhaps get a bit of inspiration for planning your next awesome trip. Or maybe it’ll just be a really great story.

Join me and listen along to the More Travel in Life Podcast!

Cheers!! — Jen Miller

Listen to the podcast episode:

Thank you for the podcast reviews! Your written iTunes reviews really encourage me and they help other people find this new podcast. Thanks for the amazing support.

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