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PODCAST: How to Pitch Your Boss for Remote Work

PODCAST: How to Pitch Your Boss for Remote Work

What’s the worst that can happen? You have to at least ask….but it’s not so easy when you have relationships, expectations, and commitments at work. How do you even start to figure out how to approach the topic of remote work for a period of time, or a travel sabbatical?

Zoe Glade wanted to go explore the US but she also wanted to keep her great job. She approached it all in a super smart way, pitched it, and won over her team. She made it work. And she gained so much more than a bucket list trip with her husband. She walks step by step how she handled the pitch. Hear how she did it, so you can try it too!

Listen to the podcast episode:

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  • How it took just one travel moment to say yes (after a bunch of no’s) to her husband’s 4 month road trip idea
  • How she researched the heck out of wifi connectivity to stay connected on the road
  • How she intended to balance work and traveling in an RV (she’s so strategic!)
  • The single key attribute she gained that benefitted her work and outputs
  • The time it takes to seed an idea within your workplace
  • Who to engage and include in your pitch
  • Why they traveled through US National Parks (and her
    can’t-miss recommendations) — she shares some incredible moments & park highlights 
  • The commitment to this trip together as a couple (they sold their house & bought the RV)
  • What habits, new perspectives, & appreciation she and her husband gained from their travels post-trip


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*All Photos courtesy of Zoe, @zoe116
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