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PODCAST: Getting Creative for that Bucket List Trip

Have you ever dreamed about planning a longer trip to a faraway place, but you work full-time and have a budget? Heather Chappell tells us exactly how she made a 4 week-long bucket-list trip happen to India by combining volunteering and a work exchange assignment. She takes us along on this awesome solo trip with some fun stories while explaining how you can get really creative in crafting your own next inspired trip.


Podcast episode highlights include:

  • How Heather leveraged her bucket list travel ideas & her criteria to craft a trip together
  • Merging spiritual exploration + volunteering desires + work value into one valuable trip
  • Working with a volunteer organization to accelerate and help logistics planning (and towards the end, working as a volunteer to experience a workshop on a budget)
  • Weaving in the themes of women in leadership & diversity in the workplace as a cultural learning topic (and as part of the work exchange value)
  • Acknowledging travel insecurities of solo travel & exotic locations, like what to bring, what to expect, and logistics
  • The benefits & experiences that come with solo travel (and two amazing, fun stories she experiences in India!)
  • Inspiration to take that dream trip of your own


Listen to the podcast episode:

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“It’s part destiny, part action. Because like why is the thought of going to India coming into my head? Certainly a trip like that wasn’t going to happen on its own, I had to make it happen but certainly the universe, I felt, was just rollin for me.”


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