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PODCAST: Hack Your Way to More Miles & Travel Rewards

Podcast_travel hack couple_travel rewards

Dream of being that couple that jets off every other weekend to travel? Jeff and Nichole Gunn work full-time, but they’ve been able to figure out how to optimize the reward structures of credit cards, plus loyalty programs and rules, to then maximize their opportunity for travel.

They both share tips and tricks and how they afford and enable first-class level travel, from leveraging credit card offers to choosing the right reward and loyalty programs.

Podcast Episode Highlights: 
– Favorite credit card options for travel
– The best loyalty programs among hotel and airlines
– Favorite hotels
– How to use everyday (and not so everyday) spend to maximize cards’ reward structures
– Top 3 most critical travel tips and hacks to learn for the best trip possible
– Where to start (Rewards 101) to enjoy more travel rewards

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Jeff & Nichole Gunn enjoy traveling the world together, and love hiking in the wilderness with their dog, misty Pacific Northwest forests, snowboarding, console gaming, and loyalty to the Seattle Seahawks. During the week, Jeff works at a creative agency working as a senior multimedia & web designer and Nichole leads a marketing & communications team for an online incentives & loyalty company.

They will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year and plan to celebrate soon with a luxe trip to South Africa!

Sites Mentioned on the Podcast Episode:


Credit Cards mentioned on the Podcast Episode: 
– American Express Delta Platinum
– American Express Delta Reserve
– Chase Sapphire Reserve
– Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card


Loyalty Programs mentioned on the Podcast Episode: 
– Starwood Rewards
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