PODCAST: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle at the NomadX House - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle at the NomadX House

PODCAST: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle at the NomadX House

NomadX House Digital Nomad Lifestyle ConversationThe other night we had Sunday dinner together at the house, and we chatted about the digital nomad lifestyle.

We’re in Portugal working with startup brand NomadX — a global coliving community that provides access to local housing accommodations and a local like-minded community for remote workers & digital nomads who are traveling in Portugal.

A core part of our trip and experience is actually being part of that coliving environment, understanding the digital nomad lifestyle, and staying in their signature property in Lisbon.

Our housemates come from Sweden (Ivo), Brazil (Aline), Ukraine (Victoria), France (Mike), and the US (Ben). Listen for insights from this roundtable and casual conversation on the digital nomad lifestyle, their struggles, the coliving trend, their passion for travel, how they adjust in new cities, how they make money and an income, and…  what they forgot to pack!!!

Listen to the podcast episode:

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NomadX House Digital Nomad Lifestyle Conversation
The Questions I asked the Group: 
1. Why do you travel? What thrills you about exploring a new country? [It wasn’t all about exploration]
2. What has travel provided to you? [Confidence mostly?]
3. How do they each make money and earn an income to travel? [The answers varied WIDELY]
4. What’s the first thing they do to ease into and connect plus adjust to a new culture? [Genius!]
5. What is coliving? Why is it hot & on-trend? How is it unique as a digital nomad community?
+ Bonus Question: What is the one item that they forgot to pack that they’ve desperately needed or one item they packed but haven’t used at all?



Instagram: @nomadx
  • Dave Williams
    Posted at 01:57h, 14 November Reply

    That was an incredible podcast! Obrigado!

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