PODCAST: 'Digital Nomad Girls' Founder Empowers a Female Community of Travelers - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: ‘Digital Nomad Girls’ Founder Empowers a Female Community of Travelers

PODCAST: ‘Digital Nomad Girls’ Founder Empowers a Female Community of Travelers

Jenny Lachs created a Facebook Group when she needed more information on how to do this “nomad” thing 3 years ago. That “Digital Nomad Girls” group grew to an 18,000 female member private community–posting about how they travel, what they do to earn an income, sharing job leads, and the best tips and destinations. It’s an engaging travel brand and nomad community, and it now serves as her full-time job to further develop this travel platform.


Listen to the podcast episode:


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  • How Jenny started her travel journey–growing up in Munich and living in London.
  • How one (accidental) solo trip to Israel gave her a taste of the nomad lifestyle
  • Jenny’s perspective on the power of travel, in sharing stories, exploring new places, and learning about new parts of yourself
  • What needs she had when creating the Digital Nomad Girls (DNG) Facebook Group
  • How she took the community offline through retreats and deepened the connections among the group and with the DNG brand
  • The moment she realized there was something unique to grow and expand the DNG Group offerings & content
  • The most common myths and pitfalls about the digital nomad lifestyle
  • What every digital nomad is craving — all the time
  • How to intentionally create a sense of community on the road while traveling
  • What she thinks about the pressures of social media today in the nomad space (that selfie!) and how to stay aligned with what’s a priority for you
  • The different types of nomads out there from jobs, travel frequency, …”there are no two nomads out there that do it the same way.”
  • And the #1 thing you must do to consider the nomad lifestyle (it’s all about people)


“I wanted to create a space where I knew if I asked a question, nobody would judge me, there would others like myself who I could learn from and relate to more.” 


*All Photos courtesy of Jenny Lachs, @digitalnomadgirls
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