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PODCAST: Designing Your Life for Travel

The travel bug bit Sarah Tarvin very early. She loved the feeling of freedom and exploration.

MoreTravelinLife Sarah Tarvin Shibuya Crossing Japan

But then, life caught up with her and she had a house and a job, and yes, responsibilities and excuses.  She stopped traveling and as she put it, “she didn’t recognize who she was anymore.” She firmly decided to follow her passions (any of them!), and she made travel a key passion and priority, central to her life’s adventures.

She has made some key life choices to enable travel to become a huge part of her life. She shares her approach to life and travel in hopes that it helps inspire yours.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Episode Highlights with Sarah: 
– How to approach travel as a primary life choice and designing your career for flexibility, optimized to enable travel
– Tackling Mt Everest Base Camp as a solo woman traveler (mad props!)
– How travel can help support life transitions as reflective time periods
– Living, teaching, and working abroad in countries like Oman, Japan, and Nepal
– Cost of living differences helping drive affordability for travel for extended time periods
– How to travel for extended periods without having tons of savings
– How to experiment with freelance & remote work (including key sites for jobs) to support a geo-independent lifestyle



Sarah Tarvin is a passionate lifelong traveler. Her travel brand and platform, Choose Your Life Adventure, encourages people to pursue their dreams and find new ways to infuse adventure into their lives, most especially through travel.

She has lived on three continents and has traveled to more than 40 countries. To feed her travel passions, Sarah has worked in education, humanitarian work, and “digital nomadery.” She is currently based once again the US but continues to travel at every opportunity.

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Volunteering through Global Crossroad
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