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PODCAST: Creating a Travel-Centered Business + Fitness-Infused Travel Vacations

PODCAST: Creating a Travel-Centered Business + Fitness-Infused Travel Vacations

If you’ve ever considered sprinkling some travel into your business model or offering, this is the episode to listen to. How can travel get integrated into your core business? How could you make travel part of your career?

Listen to the podcast episode:

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Laura Cozik runs the triathlon training company Team Lipstick, NYC’s most supportive group of female triathletes.  She is also the Founder and CEO of Team Lipstick Travel, a fitness-infused travel vacation company for sporty women of all levels.


Through week-long training retreats and far-away races, she’s on a mission to build community and confidence and help women “travel with exceptional people, to precious destinations, for life changing experiences.”


Since 2006, she’s been an active triathlete. She purchased a bike, began riding with her triathlete friends at the time, and signed up for her first race with just 12 weeks to train (and no skills in swimming). Once she trained and raced, she was hooked on the community and confidence gained through this sport.

Laura encouraged anyone running a successful business to bring the element and experience of travel into their every day. Whether through team retreats or offering an experience and service, one can create a more travel-focused business.


Episode Highlights: 
– how triathlon training builds confidence & community in women
– the magic of travel to inspire change
– taking a gamble in moving to another country to build a travel-focused business





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