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PODCAST: Chasing Dreams, Spiritual Travel, and Heart-Led Entrepreneurship

PODCAST: Chasing Dreams, Spiritual Travel, and Heart-Led Entrepreneurship

Laura Chung Spiritual Travel More Travel in Life Episode 32

Laura Chung focuses on all three of those things. She podcasts and interviews empowered women chasing their wild dreams, she blogs about travel, and she shapes her entrepreneurial journey with energy and intention. We chatted about all of it.

Last year, Laura took an epic 6 week soul journey to India for 3 weeks of solo travel and 3 weeks for a yoga certification program in Kundalini. Not only were her pictures gorgeous, she met up with some other instagrammers and she had an amazing guide show her the real gems of India. It felt like we were all right there exploring both India and our own souls, through her spiritual travel pictures.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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I wanted to talk to her about that spiritual travel to India, and we did —a bit — but we talked about so much other stuff too like spiritual travel, the transition into entrepreneurship, yoga and reiki, going vegetarian, and listening for the signs and signals from the Universe. This is a perfectly dreamy episode for this Valentine’s Day week. Take a listen to some deeper travel talk this week.


  • The specific trip that kicked off her love affair with travel: Semester abroad in Grenada, Spain
  • The power of Reiki, the meaning of Yoga, and the desire to study Kundalini 
  • Her India trip: 3 weeks travel, 3 weeks yoga practice & certification, within the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur)
  • How she didn’t plan much of her trip but instead used intuition and intention to shape her trip, including her generous local guide 
  • Her advice to make travel a priority (we’re your people, Laura) 
  • The role that spirituality plays in travel (or is it vice versa?)
  • We are all one (it’s actually the meaning of Yoga)
  • Why she started her travel blog, podcasting, and how she increased her courage to quit her corporate job 
  • How she integrates travel, energy, inspiring storytelling, and entrepreneurship into her purpose to help women grow 
  • Listening for signs & signals from the Universe (and why specifically butterflies are her main signal she’s on the right path for herself)
  • Gratitude as her biggest value and takeaway from the India trip 
  • Becoming vegetarian from her travels there 


– Laura’s Travel Blog:
– Podcast: Chase Wild Hearts
* She’ll do some great meditations often on her Instagram account.
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