PODCAST: Authentically Aligning Travel Dreams with Work, #VanLife, & Donut Obsessions - 9th House Studios
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PODCAST: Authentically Aligning Travel Dreams with Work, #VanLife, & Donut Obsessions

PODCAST: Authentically Aligning Travel Dreams with Work, #VanLife, & Donut Obsessions

Caroline-Whatley-and-Erin-McGrady Authentic-AshevilleCaroline Whatley and Erin McGrady are a team… in life, in work, and in their intention for their creative outputs to authentically reflect who they are and what they love. They are Authentic Asheville.  Through their freelance photography, writing, and web design projects, they’ve been able to create a life filled with adventures, the outdoors, and travel. It seems to seamlessly flow through them. We chatted about how they’ve been able to connect their work with their love of exploration. 

Listen to the podcast episode:  

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More Travel in Life Podcast: Authentic Ashevile Erin and CarolineEPISODE HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Integrating their relationship and passions into their work as creatives
  • Transitioning careers to one with more freedom and flexibility (the right mindset, making choices to pursue more creative work, etc)
  • Challenges of freelance work on the road and pitching yourself to brands
  • Aligning your ideal clients to reflect and support your ideal lifestyle
  • Attracting travel brands by pursuing your passions
  • How partnerships and collaborations with brands usually evolve and look like
  • Getting introduced to #VanLife and some of their tips
  • Oh and you’ll understand the donut obsession in the intro — and it’s relevant to the episode content too 🙂 


Instagram: Authentic Asheville

Website: Authentic Asheville

👩🏼@carolineperdue + 👩🏻@e.mcgrady

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