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PODCAST: Airstream Travelers: Life, Love, and Quilting on The Road

PODCAST: Airstream Travelers: Life, Love, and Quilting on The Road

Have you imagined owning and living in a shiny Airstream and heading across the country? John Ellis and Laura Preston have been full-time Airstream travelers on a 34-foot Airstream since January 2013.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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If you’ve ever had one of any three obsessions, you must listen to this episode…

1) Airstreams. They ‘accidentally’ bought their second Airstream, but they’ve become experts. They’ve rebuilt it from the ground up, custom designing it just for their lifestyle (and it’s gorgeous). They talk about their journey on the episode as Airstream travelers.

2) The Great American road trip. That was the original goal and they keep living it daily. They’ve done it in unconventional ways — Their first project together, they called themselves The Democratic Travelers, earning them the title of National Geographic Travelers of the Year. They crowdsourced their destinations, going to the top-voted spots from their followers. That sent them to 39 states — but now they’re doing it their way. They’ve now been on the road for over 5 years.

3) Romantic ‘how we met stories.’ I’ll leave it at that — it’s a cute one that I always love hearing and they share it on the episode.


John and Laura live in the Airstream with two dogs and a cat. And they’re newlyweds too. John is a software engineer and amazing photographer. Laura heads her own quilting business and also leads all navigation for their travels. At the end of the episode, we talk about the 3 super tactical questions I had for their lifestyle: wifi solutions, dog hair, and her quilting career. Hear more about their responses in the episode.


Learn more about their renovation process
Gorgeous modern textiles inspired by travel 
And the PUPS!
Instagram: @bulleitandmarlow


*All Photos courtesy of John and Laura, @thelonglongairstream
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